Saturday, April 03, 2004

The website Kids Hub is incredible! There are awesome interactive activities for many different subjects and topics! I was so excited when I came across this website!! It is definitely one to remember and bookmark in several places as to not lose it. It is really kid friendly and fun. I really like the Wacky Web Tales activity under Language Arts, as well as the Bones Quiz for Science and the Tree Guide for Science! They are all so great and colorful and informative! You need to check this one out and then you can see what I am raving about!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

The website by Math Cats called Interactive Multiplication Table is great for use in math for about Grade 3 or 4. It can be used to reinforce the concept of multiplication as students begin to develop their understanding of multiplication. I believe that it can help many students in their understanding because it is visual. Students can practice basic multiplication facts in a fun way!

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

This website on Geometry is really cool for studying Geometry in Math! I think it would be used most successfully with about Grade 4 or higher. Some of the activities are a little tricky, but the challenge makes them fun! Students could be paired up to help one another if they needed it, or they may choose to work through the activities alone. Some of my favorites that I played around with are Congruent Triangles, Transformations: Reflection, and Ladybug Leaf. They took a few minutes to figure out, but there are also instructions you can click on to find out what to do. I tend to like to figure out what to do myself because I don’t like to read the instructions, but I think it would be good for students to read them first so that they don’t get frustrated. Check it out!

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I have been finding lots of cool sites for Math this week because I had trouble in Internship trying to incorporate technology into Math. In particular, Geometry is something that can be really boring, and using computers for this topic really brings it to life! This cool site I just found is called Geometry: About Space. It is for older students I would think, maybe about Grade 5. I think that students could really be involved in some valuable learning by doing some of the activities on this website. They are a bit tricky, but the challenge is good. The activity titled “I took a trip on a train” took me a couple of tries. But it is very engaging which makes it good! My favorite activity is “shadows.” It is really neat to see how different objects can make different shadows. You answer “yes” or “no” and then there is a demonstration showing why or why not that shape can produce that shadow. These activities are great for those students who learn best through visualization!

Monday, March 29, 2004

The web site called Change Maker: The Cash Register Game could be used at the Grade 1-5 level with the topic of money (measurement strand). It is so cool! I myself got addicted to it and realized I am not great at money and quickly thinking about the proper change in my head. I think “where is the calculator!” That is something I wish I didn’t rely on so much… and is why this website is good practice for students to figure out money amounts in their head. In the game, students must represent the change that would be given for a particular purchase and payment. I think it is great! Check it out J

Saturday, March 27, 2004

The great site I just found is called Inuit Life in Nunakvik . The part that I think is really cool and could be used in the classroom is the "Inuit games" section. Some of these games would be hard to set up for in any gym without proper materials, such as the "sledge jump" game. And others just may not be a good idea, such as the "finger pull" ouch!! But I think it would be really neat to try some of these games as a class!! Some require very little, or no materials and look really interesting andfun!

You could have students go on the website and check out descriptions of the activities. Pictures and written text make them pretty easy to understand. Maybe students will suggest some of the games that they really want to try! And they may be interested and motivated to try and beat some of the records posted! Or maybe as a classroom you could have a record board!

The cool thing about this site is that it was created by students and there are pictures even showing them working on it. Maybe you could have your class create a web page similar to this one showing "Teenage Life In Regina!" (for upper Middle-Years or Highschool) or "Life As a Kid In Regina!" (for younger grades). Students could be in charge of taking photos, taking video footage, developing ideas for the web page, creating the web page, etc. The project could be done as a class effort! This way you could find out the things that make all the students in your class unique and traditional games, dances, food, etc. of different cultural groups or even family traditions could be presented in the web site! I think this would be a really cool project :)

Friday, March 26, 2004

I am having the best time becasue I am actually finding some really great sites! often I find I look and look and find nothing worth while. This site is one of my favourites that I have ever found!! I am so excited about it. It is not a site for students, but rather is a great resource for teachers. It ties into studying Multiculturalism, which really interests me!

It is a site called Kinder Art, which I have never heard of before and the whole site is great! But in particular, the area I love is the Multicultural area that I have linked to. I checked out the ideas to tye into various locations in the world such as Africa, Japan, Mexico, North America, etc. I love art and some of the ideas to use with your class are incredible! They are very hands-on, fun and there are some really cool ideas!! My absoulute favorites are: "sand painting" (north america), "yarn painting" (mexico), and "box of crayons" (world)! You should check them all out, but if you only have a few minutes, for sure check out the few that I have mentioned! You WON'T REGRET IT!!

I would love to do a huge Multicultural Unit when I start teaching. I never have done anything in this area before and i think it would be very valuble and very fun to do. Because Canada is becoming more and more diverse, it is so important to teach students about accepting and appreciating differences. This would be a fun way to get students interested in different groups of people and places in the world. It is the best site!! Check it out :) ENJOY!

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